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Red Wing, MN Utilities

Utility Type Utility Name Utility Phone Contact Contact Phone
Electricity Xcel Energy 800-367-7414 Pam Gorman 651-385-1004
Natural Gas Xcel Energy 800-367-7414 Pam Gorman 651-385-1004
Wastewater RW Util. Division 651-385-5112 Bob Stark 651-385-5112
Water RW Util. Division 651-385-5112 Bob Stark 651-385-5112


Water Information

Water Source: Wells
Storage Capacity: 7,000,000 gal.
Pumping Capacity: 7,000 gal./minute
Average Demand: 1,700,000 gal./day
Peak Demand: 4,000,000 gal./day
Total Water Hardness: 275 ppm
 2011 Water Rate: Availability $11.50-$10.83/month depending upon meter size
Usage: $3.20/100 cubic feet

Wastewater Information

Treatment Type: ....... Mechanical Plant
Capacity of Plant: ..... 4,000,000 gal./day
Average Demand: ..... 2,000,000 gal./day
Peak Demand: .......... 4,000,000 gal./day
2011 Water Rates: Availability $10.83/month
Usage: $3.23/100 cubic feet
Usage: $3.23/100 cubic feet2011 Water Rates: Availability $10.83/monthUsage: $3.23/100 cubic feet 

Steam Information

Source: RW Waste to Energy Plant
Capacity: 15,500 pounds steam/hour
Available Capacity: 0-15,500 #/hour depending upon time frame


Red Wing, MN Telecommunications

Telephone Information
Local Telephone Company Century Link
Telephone Number 800-603-6000
Contact Karen Jothen
Telephone Number 612-663-5675
Digital Central Switch Yes
Equal Access Market Yes
Extended Area Service No
Custom Calling Features Yes
Customized Local Area Services Yes
Current Technologies DSL , T1


Internet Service
Local Public Access site Yes
Multiple Internet Service Providers Yes
Speed of Service  
DTED Certification as E-commerce Ready No


Newspapers Information
Republican Eagle - Wednesday & Saturday 651-388-8235
Hiawatha Valley Shopper - Weekly 715-792-2880

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The 3-story building known as the Wagon Works was built in the 1860's; over the years the Wagon Works building was home to a number of uses and most recently had fallen into a state of disrepair. The City wondered if the building was beyond repair. The community worked with Knudsen's Caramels & Cheesecake to acquire and finance a top to bottom renovation of the Wagon Works building, which now serves as an example of just how one might take a building from a total state of disrepair to a community treasure. Today, the caramel business is stronger than ever and Knudsen Caramels are distributed nationwide.