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Red Wing, MN Wages


Wages in Southeastern Minnesota
Job Title Wage/Hr
Accountants & Auditors $25.25
Assemblers & Fabricators $14.13
Bookkeeping, Acct'ing & Auditing Clerks $15.50
Crushing & Mixing Mach. Opers. & Tenders $14.80
Electrical and Electron Engineering Technicans $21.17
General Managers & Top Executives $46.16
General Office Clerks $12.87
Hand Packers & Packagers $9.19
Machine Feeders & Offbearers $15.32
Maintenance Repairers, General Utility $17.10
Sales Representatives $24.01
Secretaries, Except Legal & Medical $17.17
Stock Clerks, Stockroom or Warehouse $9.50
Computer Systems Analysts $36.04
Truck Drivers, Heavy or Tractor Trailer $17.80
Welders & Cutters $17.28
Total, All Occupations in SE MN $16.06

4th Quarter 2008, DEED's Occupational Employment Statistics, Wage data from 2007, 2nd Quarter

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