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What is a Shovel Ready Site?


Shovel-ready sites give your community a competitive edge in attracting business startups, expansions or relocations because the most time-consuming technical and regulatory aspects of development are already complete. Learn more below:

  • Shovel-Ready Program Overview Looking for something that makes you standout from the pack? Certified shovel-ready sites can give your community that competitive edge.
  • Become Shovel-Ready Certified The application process, all the forms and supporting documents you'll need, and answers to your questions about site certification.
  • Shovel-Ready Certified Sites Check out locations, profiles and documentation for all communities that have Minnesota Shovel-Ready Certified Sites. 
  • Marketing to Site Selectors Insights to help you understand how site selectors do their work and how to build effective relationships with them.

Visit the Minnesota DEED Site.


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The 3-story building known as the Wagon Works was built in the 1860's; over the years the Wagon Works building was home to a number of uses and most recently had fallen into a state of disrepair. The City wondered if the building was beyond repair. The community worked with Knudsen's Caramels & Cheesecake to acquire and finance a top to bottom renovation of the Wagon Works building, which now serves as an example of just how one might take a building from a total state of disrepair to a community treasure. Today, the caramel business is stronger than ever and Knudsen Caramels are distributed nationwide.